Let’s be clear, I will win BIG at some point; it may be a dream at the moment, but one day the dream will become a reality and because of this, I have started to plan what I will do with the winnings. Ok, so I know that sounds silly, but isn’t that what playing poker is about?  The dream of being the next poker star. Having recently turned to playing the real money games, I have already won a few small amounts and I am now preparing to join the high stakes life. Due to this move into cash play, I have started to dream of a life without limits and here is my plan – the only question is – What would you do?


Now I know I would have to win extremely BIG for this one, but other players do, so why can’t I? I have always wanted that country house, with sprawling gardens and a small woodland. A place to retreat too and spend the winter in front of a real log fire, instead of my small electric heater. This would be one of those houses you see in the movies, frequented by aristocracy, probably in Britain somewhere and I would definitely want one of those big, brass door bells! Obviously for this I would need to with an amount in the hundreds of thousands, so I am hoping for a full house tonight!


As my first big spend would be slightly selfish, I have chosen holidays for all of my family and friends. This would depend on how much I won, but I would love to be able to take all the people I care about to a deserted island, where we can sip drinks by the pool and spend hours strolling along the beach. I would have to take my laptop with me, so that I can keep playing as I have a feeling this would require further winnings, so WIFI is a must wherever I go!

Currently my dream locations include Australia, Thailand and America – preferably Chile – here’s to dreaming big.


The final thing I would do, would be to enter the real HIGH stakes poker games; yes I do mean the ones with buy ins of $50,000! We have all watched the films, Casino and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and who hasn’t felt like they wanted to get in on the action? The adrenaline rush at these games must make the atmosphere electric, so much so that you can feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

I would want to join in these games both online and offline, possibly to tour around the best casino’s would be a nice way to complete this journey.

So if you won big would you do the same? What would your plans be?

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