Pokies are some of the most popular online casino games in the whole World, simply as one small bet could change your whole life forever.  There’s something that will always keep us going back to those pokies. Not everyone who plays these slot machines are the same though, even if we all play for a very similar reason. Here are some of the most popular pokie personalities… Which one are you?


You have had a few spins on one pokie and won nothing, so it’s time to move onto the next. The next one is obviously not in your favor either, so it’s time to move on again. A lot of people who play pokies will find that they fall under the ‘chop and changer’ trait. You don’t have to have a short attention span for this pokie personality, but it certainly does help! The best way to curb this habit? Have a few free pokie games and practice plays before picking the ‘game of the day’. Once you know what your game is going to be, stick at it. Or, just continue chopping and changing, there’s no harm in it. Variety is the spice of life after all.


You have one, or two, pokies that you love and there’s nothing that is going to change your mind. You could spend hours playing the same casino game and win pittance, but that doesn’t matter. In your mind, the more you play the same game the higher your chances of winning the jackpot. The dedicated players will sneak a quick game in whenever they can (lunch breaks, when the kids are in bed, at 3am when they can’t sleep) and may find themselves dreaming of the pokie music. There’s nothing wrong with being dedicated to a pokie game, but having a quick go on a newer, and shinier, slot can’t hurt once in a while. Unless someone wins that jackpot whilst you’re playing something else. Ugh, don’t think about it!


Ah, you! You’re the person that constantly announces your wins on the casino game chat room and many of us are disbelieving. The truth is though, lady luck is on your side, and you just can’t stop winning. It could be a few cents here and there, or dollars pouring in from left right and center. To the constant winner, it doesn’t matter what games they play, when they play them or even where (constant winners will play on the toilet if they have to), as long as they are winning.

What happens to the winnings? The family get a nice dinner and the rest goes back into attempting to win that all important jackpot! We don’t mean to be jealous of you constant winners, but we can’t help it. Share the luck… Please!

How do you play your pokies? Are you always chopping and changing, or are you dedicated to one particular game? Perhaps you’re one of the constant winners that we all want as our best friends…

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