At Intertops Casino we realize that our clients have many interests beyond the casino tables. And striving as we do to indulge our players in the best way we can, we take those interests very seriously. This is why we frequently announce special casino promotions dedicated to important events to celebrate with you the events and things you love and care about.



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Online casinos attract a wide variety of people with a wide range of interests, which for the most part are not even related to online gambling, but rather to sports, cultural and social events and the like. At Intertops Casino, our goal as one of the world’s top online casinos is to engage our clientele as much as possible while playing online. With that objective firmly in mind, many our casino promotions are dedicated to certain events we know are important to you. It could be the start of the new football season, the summer or winter Olympics, the Tour de France, SuperBowl, the Stanley Cup, or any of a host of other sporting events. The chances are that when a big event comes along, Intertops Casino has a promotion to suit.

Every promotion has attractive bonuses and other prizes just waiting to be claimed. We aim to give away tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars with every promotion; this is how Intertops Casino likes to celebrate big events.




However, not all of our promotions are event-focused. Some are specially designed to enhance your visit to the casino. An example is our “Rookie Season” as an initiative that aims to help new players. This type of casino promotions is just as much fun as the event-based promos, while at the same time providing useful assistance to new clients.

Oftentimes, we will run a promotion with the launch of a new game, giving players an extra incentive to try something fresh and different. Our long experience tells us that there is nothing better than playing a new game with a rich bonus.

So check out our current promotions and get yourself in contention for some great prizes.

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