It is every player’s dream to hit the jackpot, and at Intertops Casino we have plenty to offer in terms of jackpots. Jackpot Piñatas is our major draw but there are others to keep gamers of every persuasion more than interested in the possibility of hitting the big time.


Getting straight to the point, Intertops Casino offers a number of progressive pokies that generate huge jackpots. All players contribute to the whole pot, which can be claimed with just one lucky spin. Jackpot Piñatas is the casino’s flagship game in this regard, with a jackpot usually well over a million Aussie dollars. However, other pokies should not be overlooked, since their jackpots, although not in the same league as that of the enticing piñatas, are also pretty tempting. In fact, in recent times Intertops’ players have won millions on pokies such as the Asian-inspired Year of Fortune. So, there is more than just one “lucky machine” at the world’s first online casino.

Additionally, most of the games offered at Intertops Casino use a Feature Guarantee system, which ensures that all players have their chance at the big money, regardless of their luck. So jump in and go for a few spins on our slots, because if you wait for too long someone might just beat you to your dreams prize. Remember, there are many thousands of players out there and they all want the same as you – to win the jackpot.


If pokies are not your thing, don’t worry, Intertops Casino offers an excellent selection of classic table and video games that are just as generous when it comes to jackpots. While it is progressive pokies that attract most attention because of their ability to accumulate astronomical jackpots, here at Intertops we keep our table games in fine fettle, jackpot-wise. It is not uncommon for large jackpots, usually of tens of thousands of dollars, to be won on games such as Caribbean poker, roulette or blackjack. So go ahead and try our table games, some of those prizes could be waiting just for you.

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