Blackjack is arguably the casino game that is best-suited for strategic players because of the various strategies and techniques, which can significantly increase the odds of winning. The web is full of different tips and guides on how to make your game more efficient and of course, profitable. Intertops Casino invites you to test these techniques on our great blackjack games with a view to finding the perfect blackjack strategy and when you’ve hit gold, let us know!



The most important thing you should remember is that although all blackjack variants seem pretty similar one to another, they all introduce subtle changes to the general formula. And because every blackjack strategy is based on mathematical mechanisms, these changes, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can affect the overall effectiveness of a particular strategy.


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At Intertops Casino, you can explore different strategies and track their performance on various blackjack games such as classic blackjack, Super 21, Pontoon and Face Up 21. That way you can determine the best strategy options for every occasion.

You can also try to develop a blackjack strategy of your own or to improve on existing strategies if you feel up to the challenge. This is not easy because blackjack is a complex game and you need to take many factors into account to build a system that really works. However, it is not an impossible task and if you have the right skills, knowledge and attitude, you might just succeed.


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Sometimes testing a particular blackjack strategy or blackjack-related tips you have discovered on the Internet can be risky because if it turns out to be inefficient or maybe even ineffectual, you could end up losing a significant amount of money. At Intertops Casino you can avoid that risk by practicing various strategies in our ‘Play for Fun’ mode, which allows you to play our games with virtual chips instead of real money. In this way you will be able try out the strategies you are interested in and see if they work without putting actual funds at risk. Once you are as sure as you can be that the strategy is effective, you can move on up and try it out to your advantage on the real-money games.

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