Intertops Casino is constantly striving to provide the best standards in online gaming, offering a wide variety ofquality casino games from all genres, including blackjack. At Intertops our users can play many great blackjack variants and moreover can play them completely for free thanks to the casino’s ‘Play for Fun’ feature.




Real-money gaming is by far the most popular way of playing casino games and not surprisingly so since most players are interested in the lucrative prizes and jackpots to be won on the games of chance. However, casino games are also fun in their own right and playing for free can be a very fun and entertaining experience as well.


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If you are a blackjack fan looking to enjoy your favorite game in a more casual and relaxed way, Intertops Casino offers an easy way to do this. Here you can play blackjack for free via our ‘Play for Fun’ casino, which is easily accessed on our casino client interface. Every time you log into your casino account you will be presented with the options to ‘Play for Money’ or ‘Play for Fun’. Choosing the latter will allow you to access a number of excellent free blackjack games such as European Blackjack, Pontoon, Face Up 21 and, of course, the classic variant of the game. While playing in the ‘Play for Fun’ mode you will be making your bets with virtual chips, thus allowing you to enjoy a risk-free playing session.

Some of our free blackjack games are also available on the web version of the casino, which is accessible via ‘Instant Play’. With ‘Instant Play’ you will be able to play blackjack for free directly in your web browser, but there are fewer gaming options from which to choose.


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Becoming a good blackjack player requires a lot of practice. This classic table game has a significantly higher learning curve than other casino games because successful play requires not only good fortune but also skill. Use our free blackjack offers to hone your skills in playing the game with maximum efficiency and improve your chances of winning.

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