One of Intertops Casino’s main priorities is ensuring that all our players get maximum fun and enjoyment out of our games. Pokies are perhaps the simplest of all casino games but players can get frustrated playing on them due to faulty information obtained from dubious sources on the internet. For example, there are plenty of websites claiming to have developed some miraculous pokies strategy or strategies that will guarantee huge winnings on the lucky machines. Intertops Casino’s advice is not to trust such sources, as all of these so-called ‘strategies’ are based on nothing more than myths and misconceptions; and they may even hurt your chances of winning.

pokies strategy



Developing any kind of pokies strategy that could improve your chances of winning is impossible because of one simple fact: pokies operate purely based on luck. All reputable online casinos such as Intertops use random number generators to determine the outcome of every spin. In addition, the games are programmed to have fixed pay-out rates, ranging from 95 to 97 percent for the majority of online casinos. Consequently, players do not have any available mechanisms to affect the odds in any way and can rely only on their luck, which with pokies is what it is all about!

With that said though, there are ways to improve your game-play and make the pokies experience more enjoyable and rewarding. We have listed below some tips that you may find useful.


online pokies strategy



Although there is no pokies strategy that can improve the odds of winning, there are some things you can do to enhance your performance in general.

1. Play only so long as you have fun with the games. If you start feeling frustrated or tired of playing, perhaps it is time to end the current session.


2. Take a short break from playing every hour or so. This will keep your mind fresh and will help you to avoid over-extending your playing sessions.


3. Try participating in some pokies tournaments. Interpots Casino holds tournaments on a regular basis, which you can enter for a buy-in fee. In this way you will be playing against other players with whom you will have equal chances of winning.


4.Test your strategy with our “free to play” options 


The most important thing however is to always trust your luck and play for the fun of the pokies.

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