Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the World! Why? Well, it’s fast paced, full of luck and chance, and guaranteed to bring you thrills and excitement. Those who haven’t ever played roulette before should definitely give it a go! It could be your new favorite casino game. If you have played online roulette before, then have a go at some of our free games anyway. You can become a master of the roulette wheel, with practice runs, when playing for fun at Intertops Casino.

We get a lot of players asking some pretty similar questions about free online roulette, such as; How can I play it? Why should I play it? And how DO I play it?! We’ve put together some handy information for you, to help make your roulette experience the best. When you’re ready, head over to the tables, and start playing for free.


How can I play free roulette online in New Zealand?

We know that online roulette in New Zealand is one of the most popular casino games, and one of the hardest to find! We’ve ensured that our free roulette is one of the best looking, realistic and most fun to play, in the whole of the world. You can play exactly the same American and European roulette games that paying players participate in, but with fun cash and for no money! Simply select your favorite game, wait for it to load, and then select ‘play for fun’ in the top left hand corner. You can now play free roulette online, with the ‘fun cash’ that Intertops Online Casino provides you.

The free roulette games have exactly the same odds, payouts and rules as all of our non-free games. The only difference is, if you win a fortune, it’s not yours to keep! You can experience the fun and thrill ride of a real, Las Vegas casino, whilst playing for free at home. As soon as you’re ready, you can then simply switch back to ‘play for real’ and start winning real cash! Whichever roulette game is your favorite, you will always be able to enjoy it for free, at Intertops Casino.


Why should I play free roulette online?

So, what is the point in playing free roulette online? Surely it would be more fun to just play for real cash all the time! We agree, but there are many reasons players decide to play for free. It could be that you have never played before, and want to practice. Maybe you just like gambling for fun, and don’t like playing with real money. Sometimes, it could just be a tough time of the month, and time to hit the free games!

Playing roulette for free online is a great way to master this casino game! You can devise your own strategies, which can then be taken forward into the ‘play for real’ games. Those who practice for free have a much better understanding of the game, and all the different types of bets. Of course, you can always just try your luck and see how things go, whilst playing for real cash. It all depends on how confident, and lucky, you feel!



I’m stuck! How do I play roulette?!

The best thing about playing free roulette at Intertops Casino, is that you have plenty of time to learn. You’re not betting away your own money, before you’ve learned to master the game. We have some great hints, tips and tricks here, for you to learn how to play roulette. Before you know it, you’ll be playing for real, and winning some great cash payouts!

  • Pick your bets! When you’re playing with ‘fun money’, it can be easier to just bet with the highest amounts. Try and play how you would with your own money however, as it will help you come up with great roulette strategies.


  • All the odds! Don’t know what an inside bet pays, or what an outside bet means? Not every roulette player has to learn the bets, and odds, off by heart. At Intertops Online Casino, you can hover your mouse over a section on the table, and we will let you know the odds. Never again will you have to remember tons of information! Just click and bet.


  • Spin the wheel! Only when you’re ready should you click on ‘spin’. Make sure you’re happy with your bets, and then spin that wheel! You’ll see exactly what number and color it lands on, at the top right hand corner of your screen. A dolly, or marker, will also be placed on the winning number, on the roulette table.


  • Play again, and again! You can play free roulette online as many times as you want, with all of your fun cash. When you think you’ve perfected the game, come on over and ‘play for real’ to start winning some serious cash.
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