Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games in the World, as well as being extremely popular in casinos in Las Vegas, and other gambling hotspots. Advanced players know how to work the wheel from years of playing, and even beginners can win big on the roulette table on their first go!   We love roulette at Intertops Casino, especially the classic French version of the game. If you’re not sure what the difference is (or even that there was a difference) then have a look through our tips on how to play, the history of French Roulette and some pretty interesting facts about the game!

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  Learn how to play French Roulette Before we let you loose on the roulette wheel, it’s important to understand how the game works. You can play in a whole manner of ways, and this version is very similar to its other family members (American and European roulette). French Roulette is one of the most popular of the roulette games, because there is less of a house advantage, and it is the original way of playing!

  • Place your bets! You need to decide where you think the ball is going to land. It could be a specific number, color, even or odds, or a pocket of numbers, it’s up to you! The probability that the ball will land there will determine how high the payout is going to be if you get it right.


  • The croupier will start the ball spinning on the roulette wheel, and bets can still be placed until the croupier tells you to stop. Normally he or she will say ‘no more bets’ or ‘rien ne va plus’ in French.


  • Wherever the ball stops will be highlighted on the game board by the croupier (normally with a dolly or marker), to see who has placed their bets there, and if there are any winners! No bets may be placed, taken away or changed once the marker is in place.


  • The croupier, or dealer, will pay the winnings to those who bet correctly, and then all of the other bets will be removed from the table. He, or she, can use a rake to remove the losing chips from the table. It’s then time for the next round!

These are the basic rules of French Roulette, although it can be slightly different when playing online. Of course, you are not going to be able to see the dealer, but you will still be warned when no more bets can be placed. Intertops Casino have made sure we bring all the excitement, sounds and senses of a real casino into our online roulette games!

 french roulette  

What makes French Roulette special As we know, there are plenty of different roulette games online and in casinos, around the world. So what makes French roulette special, and how does it differ from the other members of the roulette family? Let’s have a look at what the key differences are, and what that means when you’re playing!

  • One of the first things you may notice about a French roulette table is that all of the numbers on the table are red. This doesn’t change the way the game is played, it is just the way the original game was designed. The numbers on the wheel are still black and red, so you will be able to tell if you have won, when betting on black or red.


  • The roulette table will also be in French. As the classic roulette game was originated in France, you will find all original tables to be written in French. Some of the more modern versions will also have English translations, so that you know what you’re betting on! However, to save confusion, here are some of the French words you need to know:

            Premiere 12 – Between 1-12 (first dozen)

Moyenne 12 – Between 13-24 (middle dozen)

Derniere 12 – Between 25-36 (last dozen)

Pair – Evens

Impair – Odds

Manque – 1-18 (low numbers)

Passe 19-36 (high numbers)

  • Only one 0 is on the French Roulette wheel, instead of a 0 and 00 on the American roulette wheel. This means the house odds are less, giving you more chance of winning!


  • There is a unique rule in French roulette called La Partage, which is for those who bet on an even number. If the ball lands on 0, when betting on evens, you will only lose half of your money, as opposed to the whole load.


  • There are a group of special bets in French roulette called the Call Bets, which no other roulette game has. They may seem strange and different, but there is a logic behind the seemingly random grouping of numbers. When playing online roulette you’ll find there to be a ‘Call Bet’ button, on most games, that will give you a list of all the different options. Meaning you don’t have to remember all 5 of the oddly unique call bet combinations.


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  The beginning of French roulette Roulette first came about in the 18th Century, in France, and so French roulette is the original game! The game was extremely popular in Paris, where wealthy players would gather as a form of socializing, and many famous Parisians would try their luck at the casinos. The very first games would have a red 0 and a black 00, which was changed to green from the 1800s. It wasn’t until 1843, in Germany, that the single 0 version of the game was released, to give the edge back to players instead of the casino. Brothers Francois and Louis Blanc created the first single 0 roulette game, to draw in more players to their own casino. It worked, and now the French and European roulette games both still use just one 0. The 19th Century saw a huge boom in gambling, and roulette became one of the most popular games throughout Europe and America. Even when governments tried to abolish gambling around the world, players would still play roulette at underground casinos, and the hotspot of Monte Carlo. Luckily, countries realized that gambling was far too good to abolish, and now roulette wheels can be found in casinos everywhere.

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  Fun facts about French Roulette There are some pretty interesting facts about French roulette (some which are more believable than others). Here are our favorites:

  • An old legend says that Francois Blanc bargained with the Devil, so that he could obtain the secrets of the roulette wheel. The legend was helped along by the fact that all of the numbers on the wheel (1-36) add up to 666. Spooky!


  • French Roulette was taken to the United States, where they found far too many people cheating the game (to stop devices being hidden in the table or wheel). It was then that the wheel was placed on top of the table, to stop the cheats.


  • There are some very famous roulette players, including those who have gambled their entire life on one color, or number! We advise you to play responsibly, as we don’t want anyone losing their house at Intertops Casino!


  • Many casinos have different payouts for bets on roulette, but the probability will always stay the same. The most popular bets have a 50/50 chance, such as odds or evens and red or black.

Now, you know how to play, the history of the game and even some fun facts. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the Intertops Casino French roulette wheel and start winning some jackpots!

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