Intertops Casino well knows that online roulette is a primary gaming choice for many of its clients, who play the game not only relying on their luck but who also try to use strategies and betting patterns based on mathematical principles. Some of these strategies can significantly increase the chances of winning and as a result have become very popular. Intertops extends an invitation to all players to try their roulette strategy on the games at our casino and to see if there is a way to improve on it.



Roulette strategies are pretty straightforward and almost by default driven by mathematical mechanisms. But while there is nothing too advanced in the strategies per se, there are some important details you need to take into consideration. For example, American roulette has that added ‘double zero’, which changes the odds of the game, meaning you may have to alter your roulette strategy to accommodate that fact. Generally speaking though, it is easy to build a consistent roulette strategy because the game has natural odds that always remain the same and that can provide a solid basis for strategic play.

Roulette Strategy

You can try various strategies at Intertops Casino and test their effectiveness. The online casino has two American roulette games, as well as European roulette, French Roulette and our Multiplayer variant where you play alongside other players in real time. With all these versions of the classic game, you can improve on existing strategies and techniques or even try to develop your own roulette strategy.



Once you have chosen a particular strategy, try to execute it to perfection in our ‘Play for Fun’ mode. Without risking your funds, you will be able to tweak and adjust your strategy to make it as effective as possible. You can always get additional virtual chips at the Cashier, so you will be able to experiment for as long as you feel necessary. Once everything is sorted, you can move up to trying your luck at the real-money games.

However, it is important to keep in mind that even the best roulette strategies cannot guarantee you a sure win. All they can do is to limit the risk of losing to a certain degree. Sometimes though, this is all you need to be successful at online roulette.

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